Team Switzerland Overwatch World Cup

Team Switzerland: Support your Country!

You can support your own national team on its way to the Overwatch World Cup in Anaheim (California). We have players and staff members from across Switzerland, whether it’s from the French, German or Italian speaking part! As a result of that most of our communication is in English, with the occasional trial of someone speaking another language ending up in laughs and giggles.

What is Overwatch?

The World Cup takes place at Blizzcon, the game developers own Convention, in Anaheim. Community is probably the keyword of this event: People come together, share their passion and create new connections.

We practice several times per week to be at our best form when the World Cup starts. To compete against the best teams in the world while representing Switzerland is our main goal. 

We would not only go there to play the game and achieve the best possible result, but also to share our culture and make new friends. From last years experience we can only say, it’s an amazing opportunity and a once in a lifetime experience: a little dream come true!

The Overwatch World Cup: A cultural Meetup!

The winners of the semi-finals will be invited to the Zurich Game Show and will compete on the main-stage on the 14th of September starting at 10:30. We’ve got an excellent caster line-up with some special surprises in our production! The final will be a best of 3 with the winner claiming the bragging rights of becoming the SGC 2019 Champion. 

Stay focused: Inside & outside the game

Gaming is a very mental-focused task and it can take up quite some energy to stay focused for such a long time. Thus it’s important to have some other activity to achieve a healthy balance. Sportive activities help out in this area and keep our players on top of their game. Additionally, some of our players play a music instrument as a further way of balancing gaming and other activities.

A breakdown of why we need CHF 16’000.-

16’000.- might seem like a big number on first sight, but keep in mind that we are 10 people who would be traveling to Anaheim. These 16’000.- will be needed to cover:

  • Flights (11’000.-)

  • Accomodation (3’500.-)

  • Travel to and from the venue in Anaheim (1’500.-)

Due to most of our players being students, we sadly cannot afford this trip ourselves.

Thank you for giving us a chance to represent our Country at the 2019 Overwatch World Cup!

Supporting us means also supporting the young and steady growing Swiss esports scene.

As we get closer to the date, we will keep updating the website with details, join our discord and sign-up to our mailing list so that you don’t miss out on all the important updates. 

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